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About Us


The Exquisite Taste 

Bartending and Hospitality Services, Co. 

We Host the Host so the Host can join the PARTY!

We understand that we're in a sensitive time where large parties and gatherings make most people nervous in general. However, we also know that people still want to get together with their friends and host small to large gatherings from the comfort of their own homes.

The challenge with this is now the host is in charge of bartending, serving, cleaning dishes and everything else that goes into hosting friends and they never get a chance to enjoy the event that all of their friends loved so much; this is where we step in.

We offer full service and modified services to ensure that those who host their friends and colleagues have very little worries about the nitty gritty of running the party. With our services, the host is able to have that extra drink, talk a little longer, and really enjoy the party alongside their guests.

We are The Exquisite Taste and we are here to make sure your guests will be talking about your event for weeks to come and you barely had to lift a finger.

We look forward to serving you at your next event.


Our Leaders

Tevin Henderson

Owner/ Co-Founder

Tevin has accumulated almost 10 years of experience in the club industry. With a Bachelor's of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Western Carolina University accompanied with the skills he's acquired in the roles he has completed such as Server, Bartender, Food and Beverage Supervisor, and Event Manager gives him the eclectic skills needed to ensure the optimal experience is created for your event. 

Tevin D. Henderson 

Jaleel Glover

Owner/ Co-Founder

Jaleel has been an active student of the world of hospitality. He's served in an array of industries from restaurants, high class hotels, and several country clubs. He is highly experienced and enthusiastic when it comes to service behind the bar and at any function. His own desire for fun transmutes to his service in every area and he goes above and beyond to give a lasting experience at your event.

Jaleel R. Glover

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